Article on Birdhouse

September 18, 2018  Art, Exhibition

Artists’ Association MUU released an article on my work Birdhouse, which is currently on display at Muu Studio gallery. It is only available in Finnish, however. MUU ry julkaisi artikkelin Linnunpönttö teoksestani, joka on nyt esillä Muu Studiossa Helsingissä. Suvi Nurmi: ”Linnunpönttö kutsuu pysähtymään”

Tooth Marks and Poop

April 27, 2017  Art, Babbling

I’m preparing to leave on a little trip next week. I decided to clean the workshop a little bit to make the place a bit more welcoming when I return. I found this scrap piece of alder in a pile of plane shavings. If I keep the camera in more or less the same position, … read more

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