A New Direction

I’m one of those artists who doesn’t show any of their work until they’re absolutely certain everything is the way it has to be. In fact, I don’t even start physically working on a piece before I am sure how it has to be made, what it has to be made of and what the end result has to be.

I guess, that’s why it was so difficult to write this first post: I’m not exactly sure what this blog is about. And that is precisely why I’m doing this. To teach myself new habits. To show stuff before it’s ”done”. To give up on some of my precious perfectionism.

That said, I won’t be throwing away the thoroughness of planning ahead completely. I have things in mind which will combine you, the reader, not knowing what I’m pursuing, and me, knowing what I’m aiming for, but not knowing exactly how to get there. A journey together, if you like.

A lot of the posts will have something to do with various crafts. Some of which are quite obscure and – I’m hesitant to say ”primitive”, but since that is probably what it looks like to most people, I’ll let it pass for now – primitive. I’ll try to address my sentiment on the word in a later post.

Thanks for reading, welcome again!

February 22, 2017

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